Jason Taylor is the man behind Restless Craftsman. Currently, he splits his time between working on houses, restoring antique wooden boats, and tinkering on side projects.

Over the years, Jason has found himself down a plethora of different career paths—from running his own letterpress printing business, to mentoring a high school robotics team, it all comes from the same fountainhead: making things. Above all else, Jason is a maker. He finds inspiration where others can’t, and values the integrity of all the materials he works with. The end results are moving: well crafted products with simple, clean, nostalgic designs and a certain dedication to quality. Whether it’s ukuleles or utensils, every thing Jason creates has a piece of himself inside of it, every thing has a purpose. Jason is an inventor, a designer, and creator in all aspects of his life with the patience and perspective to make him a refreshingly imaginative craftsman.