RVA Boatworks

Boat building and restoration are my favorite kinds of projects. Below are a few samples of boats that I have worked on.

I partnered with Jayne’s Marine to build the hulls on a 52′ cold molded catamaran charter boat. It will be able to hold 50 passengers.
1958 Ancarrow Gladiator, built here in RVA. I rebuilt the transom, replaced several deck boards, and refinished the entire boat.
1956 Chris Craft Sportsman : Steam Bending New Battens Into Place
Replanking In Process
Chris Craft Riviera: Custom Made Stainless Belly Bands
Hardware Installation
1950’s Sears Kit Boat : Complete structural rebuild
New Hand Carved White Oak Stem
Remade the Transom out of 1.5″ Fir Plywood
Ribs and Frames rebuilt from mahogany and oak, using old rotten pieces and measurements to determine the correct final shape
Greavette Streamliner:
Varnish Work